Chrometra is a privately held biotechnology company, founded in 2015 and located in Leuven, Belgium. We develop tools for genomic research and diagnostics, through the combination of organic synthesis, enzymatic technology and chemical biology.

Founded by a team of scientists, working in the field of fluorescence imaging. We understand how precious a sample is and how difficult it can be to label and image successfully. We wanted to build a company that made the process a little bit easier.

Sparked by the observation that development in biological analysis and genetic technology will  build on innovations in the core chemical approaches,  in order to bring you rational and reliable approaches..

  • Probes and labels for nucleic acids
  • Enzymes that can deliver our fluorophores to specific biological targets
  • Fluorophores specifically-tailored for super-resolution and expansion microscopies

With the Chrometra founders combining over 60 years of academic experience, research is in our DNA. We are inquisitive by nature, and if you have a solid research question, we will be glad to help. For custom development or for more information please send an email to